Online Payments

Taking your sport's first payment

Each sport needs to be set up by the webmaster to accept payments - please drop an email to and we'll get you started.


We use Square to process our payments, who charge a fee that is typically 1.4% + 25p. You can check their latest pricing details at

We suggest that sports manage their own float, and pick a round number to charge. For example, if you need to collect £10 from members, then you could do so by charging £10.39 (£10 * 1.014 + £0.25). We'd suggest charging £10.50 in this example. Other times you can charge slightly less than the total fee, and use up your float.

Withdrawing funds

When you need access to money you will need to ask the treasurer to transfer the money to your account by emailing

This is a manual process to please ensure you allow enough time for the treasurer to pick up your email and process your request. If you know you're likely to need a transfer to be made on a certain date then you may want to discuss with the treasurer in advance so you can agree when and how much will be transferred.