Testimonial from John

Article from GScene 2018


Through BLAGSS we have made a huge amount of new friends and found everyone to be very friendly and welcoming, many being in a similar position having moved here in recent years. I would like to say my tennis has improved but my social network definitely has.



Testimonial from Philip

Article in GScene 2018

Football is my number one sport so I knew exactly who to contact. Nonetheless I was nervous about going, after all I had acquired some disabilities like dodgy balance and vision problems since I last played and joining a new group is always scary.

fast forward to December last year and I decided to stand up at the annual BLAGSS AGM and thanks Elliot and Colin, two of the many cherished friends I Hve mad since joining the group. It is thanks to them that I’ve had the opportunity to travel across the country and even go to Paris to play in football tournaments and I’ve even had the joy of walking in the parade at Brighton Pride for the first time.

Testimonial from Lisa

When I moved to Brighton last year, I didn’t know a soul but as soon as I joined Blagss, that soon changed. I initially signed up for pickleball (which is excellent fun btw) and from there I have made some really good friends and have widened my sporting activities to tennis, cycling and badminton via the people I’ve met at Blagss. Blagss is a wide ranging and extremely well run sports network but it is also so much more than that due to its friendly welcome and supportive community and I’m pleased and proud I’m now part of it too. 

Testimonial from Claire

‘What BLAGSS Means to Me’

....easy to join in...welcoming...good coaching...great value for money....well organised... all important but welcoming and easy to join in have been so great ...as a newbie to Brighton BLAGSS has been such a wonderful way to create a regular pattern of physical activity and sociable good company...i’d like to thank everyone involved with BLAGSS for putting in so much voluntary work to make it the fabulous, open and friendly organisation that it is...sport is so much more than just the activity itself and BLAGSS has got it right…

Testimonial from Michael

‘What BLAGSS means to me’

…..there’s always plenty more reasons not to do something, than just do it. Well that seemed the case for me, with my BLAGSS membership lapsing for what it turned out to be eight years. Seeing the BLAGSS stand at the Pride Dog Show this year prompted me to make a visit and find out what was new. There seemed to be plenty. It was then remarkably easy to sign-on, my details were still there and re-join. Rob had mentioned 'Tennis Virgins' which has been the perfect way back in. The down side was realising how unfit I had become after eight years, easily outweighed by the many upsides. The group is super friendly, only feeling like a virgin for the first few minutes.  It's great to play sport again and Pauline is a terrific organiser. Am looking forward to seeing what new sports and activities I can try.  So, if you're a lapsed member or considering trying, jump on in, BLAGSS is lovely!'

Testimonial from Ryan - Brighton & Hove City Council

‘What BLAGSS Means to the City’

….BLAGSS is a fantastic part of the local sporting landscape, playing a key role in supporting people to enjoy leading active lifestyles in the city.”

Ryan Edwards

Healthy Lifestyles Manager