AGM 13 November 2020

Unfortunately due to the COVID pandemic, it was not possible to hold a normal AGM this year. Annual reports and committee elections were instead posted on line and a facility set up for members to approve the reports and committee nominations by pressing a button. This process was completed on 13 November 2020. Members were invited to submit comments and queries but none were received.

As such there were no minutes for the meeting and the following items were all approved unanimously:

1. Minutes of the 2019 AGM

2. Chairs Report

3. Draft Budget 2020/21

4. Amendment to the Constitution

5. Appointment of Officers

The 2020/21 Committee is as follows:

Chair- John Moore

Secretary- Sarah Nancarrow

Treasurer- Kurt Matthews

Webmaster- Ian Tommins

Membership Secretary- Jane Macdonald

Social Secretary- Dawn Glastonbury

Publicity Officer- Viv Woodcock-Downey

Get Involved officer- Donna Griss